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Apart from God being the ultimate creator, the guide, the beacon & the shining light

Jad Khoury made it from an art enthusiast, an artist and a designer that is passionate about drawing ever since the age of 8 right after losing an artist mother, Hanan Khoury Abou Zeid in the year 1994...

who ishe

Hello, I’m Jad! With more than 15 years’ experience in the corporate creative field & 27 years in the Drawing & Artistic expressions field...

I am skilled at steering creative direction and strategy for industry- leading local and international clients to inspire audiences, maximize profits, and grow market share.
My expertise lies in translating brand requirements and client briefs into compelling revenue-generating campaigns across multiple platforms that outperform industry standards, leading to increased revenue, market engagement, and brand awareness.
As a visionary artist and creator, I am able to generate cutting-edge ideas, direct photo shoots and video productions, and develop engaging content. My track record of success has been reinforced by leading and empowering top-performing creative teams and cultivating a collaborative environment that motivates creativity.
On a daily basis, I am committed to establishing exceptional rapport with clients and stakeholders to comprehend needs, pitch creative proposals, and achieve a high level of satisfaction. Furthermore, I offer essential intangibles such as an articulate and engaging communication style, persuasive negotiating talents, and the ability to produce innovative solutions to complex problems.

Mastered in Graphic Arts & Advertising with emphasis on

Consumer Psychology Studies in the year 2007.


Certified International academic credentials.

Key Expert in European Union in Online Visibility.

Key Expert in European Union in Brand Development.

Jad Khoury
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+1 438 816 0726

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Montreal, QC.